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The Future of Dentistry is Here

Dental Laser Cosmetics is now offering you a completely digital dental experience: 

The Future of Dentistry is Here

Dental Laser Cosmetics is now offering you a completely digital dental experience: 

We Use The Latest Sophisticated Digital Technology

Save 50% or more compared to the U.S.

  • Veneers, which give you a completely new-and-improved smile, would cost you between $1000 to $2000 per tooth in Arizona. Ouch!
  • Just cross the border to Dental Laser Cosmetic, and for less than half the price, you can take advantage of our digital dentistry – SKYN Concept – which gives predictable, accurate, fast results.


SKYN Concept is a digital workflow system that eliminates the possibility of error by making every step computerized.

Don’t worry – your friendly dentist will still be taking care of you! But the workflow will be 100% digital.

What does that mean?

Every step of your dental procedure is done using the latest dental technology:

  • Digital photographs of your face and smile
  • Digital scans of the inside and outside of your teeth, including how you bite
  • 3D-printed molds of your teeth
  • Digital mock ups using the photographs and scans
  • A digital library showing you a variety of smile designs to help you choose your new smile

All of this technology allows you to see what the end result will be: you will be looking at a digital video of your own face, knowing that your new smile will look exactly like that!

Predictable, Accurate, Fast Results

Dental Laser Cosmetics has a fully equipped clinic and lab on-premises so that all the work will be completed on-site. This reduces the time needed to complete treatment. Accuracy and efficiency come together to offer you the most modern dental experience available.

About the OWNER

Dr. Ernesto

Dr. Ernesto Quiroga began Nogales Dental Laser in 2004 and has been gaining momentum ever since. With over 95% of his patients coming from the United States, Dental Laser has become the first option for all dental tourism in Southern Arizona. The main reason for this is because Dr Quiroga believes the best investment is in a friendly team of employees as well as the most advanced technology the world has to offer. Years later, Dental Laser is now opening up specialty clinics such as Dental Laser Cosmetics and Dental Laser Orthodontics.

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What Our Patients say

Stephen F.

Root canal treatment

My wife and I have been going here for nearly two years. Excellent service, in everything from routine cleaning to a full implant. Everyone is polite, everyone speaks English, the place is immaculately clean,  the technology is up to date, and the prices are a third of what we paid in the USA. 

Ginger K.

teeth whitening

I’ve had 4 great experiences at Dental Laser so far. A 2 tooth implant, that required 3 trips, a checkup and a cleaning. All on time and all very professional. 

Celia W.


I love the service, the way they explain things, how well they work. I had a crown placed in the US and it fell in 2 years. I had it re-glued and it fell again in 1 year. I finally had it done at Dental Laser and it has been safely in place. My kids and I got braces, and you can’t beat the price! You are not paying cheap labor, it is inexpensive. They are professionals and know what they are doing. I highly recommend them!

Paul M.

upper and lower venners

Wonderful people, excellent presentation, uses zirconium instead of just porcelain. Act as if they were number one instead of just thinking they are.

We accept most American dental insurances


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